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What is a 360 degree Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour, possibly on 360°x180°, is a particular case in panoramic photography by stitching multiple images/video. It is a recent way to show panoramas in an interactive way, hence necessarily online, which participated in the digital revolution of this field of photography, by the way. When you’re watching a virtual tour, it is thus possible to interact with the panorama using your mouse by rotating it in all directions, from the floor to the ceiling, to go from one room to another, to zoom in the image, to read information, to watch videos, etc. Better than a long speech, I invite you to watch the complete virtual tour we made for an International school in South Korea which is integrated with Live video & Audio, so plug-in your headphones and visit NLCS Jeju

What types of businesses benefit most from online virtual tours?

Any business that wants to showcase their facility to the world and virtually bring people to their location to help turn the sale.  Notably . . . hotels, resorts, school, spas, art galleries, museums, college/corporate campus tours, hospitals, cruise lines, high-end homes/condos, timeshares, etc.

So What's a Hotspot?

A hotspot is a link within the 360° panoramic image itself, usually to another 360° virtual tour. Hotspot allows your visitors to interact with your virtual tour and to move throughout the different scenes.  By linking a number of 360º virtual tours together in this way you can provide your clients with a ‘walk through’ tour of your hotel, museum, Schools & collages etc enabling them to move from one location to the next at their own pace. That’s like a virtual visit to your location and that indeed will help your customers to choose your service immediately.

What is interactive map?

Go360 Virtual Tours include powerful localisation tools like maps, floor plans and compass. GPS data is added to panorama spots on selected maps providers like: Google Map, OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps. Additionally, we can add multiple floor plans of your location with hotspots on each virtual tours. This helps the visitors to reach any desired location quickly with just one click and they never get lost in your virtual tour navigation.

What is this Live 360?

Go360 introduces new technology where we will be adding live video and audio into your virtual tours and makes your virtual tours come to life! We insert one or more video zones within the photographic content. Check out this virtual tour to experience this new technology NLCS Jeju

Can’t I do all this myself?

It’s really a question of evaluating what you do best and what an agency does best. After looking at core competencies, many businesses decide that it’s wisest and most cost effective to form a relationship with a good agency.

What is the virtual tour design process?

  1. Initial Consultation:

    First, we sit down with you in person or over the phone to discuss your 360 degree virtual tour design needs. It’s helpful if you have an idea of what areas in your environment you would like to feature in your tour. During the consultation process, we will schedule a convenient time to come in for the photo shoot.

  2. Pre-shoot arrangements:

    Before the shoot, the whole scene has to be arranged and modified to bring in the best result. Our consultant will hand over pre-shoot steps that you need to follow.

  3. Photography:

    A VR professional photographer will come to your location for a photo shoot in which the images that will make up each of the panoramas will be staged and captured. This can take a few hours or as long as a day depending on how many spins you would like to include. If travel is involved, we always plan to be in the area for a few days in case of inclement weather or any other issues that may arise.

  4. Image Stitching:

    The images are then digitized and stitched together and then the files are converted to cubical images for HTML or Flash. This is the part where much of the heavy lifting occurs, so we budget up to a week for the stitching process.

  5. Interface Design:

    After your panoramas are created, the virtual tour interface is built. You will need to provide descriptive text for each location, or a copywriter can be contracted to write the text. The audio, video, animation, maps or other marketing components are then added to the virtual tour design.

  6. Programming:

    We will deliver all the necessary files to your webmaster or we can add the virtual tour icon and files to your website.

How large are Virtual Tour files?

The larger the file size for the panoramic spin, the higher the image quality. Realizing that it is important for files to load quickly AND for the image quality to be great, we work hard to optimize the files and keep them relatively small. The files for each location are usually 1 – 2 mb in size. We will discuss and meet your unique requirements regarding file size. Live 360 will have slightly larger file size depending on the duration of video inserted.

Will the Virtual Tour be visible to all users?

We produce the virtual tour files as HTML 5 panoramas which are viewed with all popular browsers. This is also compatible in all mobile, tablets and similiar devices. We also produce virtual tours in flash format for some special effects. We chose these output formats because they provide the best quality viewing and are widely used. The web page will detect if the user does not have the plug-in installed and will automatically swtich to supporting version of virtual tour.

Does the Virtual Tour go on my website or yours?

When your virtual tour is complete, we post it to your website. Go360 can do all the programming to post it to your site or we can deliver everything and your webmaster will need to post the files. If you do not have a website , we can even build one for you as well. Visit our parent company if you have any website requirement www.preigo.com

Will I own the Virtual Tour files or will I have to pay a monthly fee or royalty fees?

Once we have handed over your virtual tour, it is yours to do with what you like. You can use it on a CDROM, multiple web sites, or email newsletters. Go360 can help you with your distribution needs and will remain available to update your files in future as needed.

Do you take the pictures for the Virtual Tour or do we?

The images used in the virtual tour design are captured with special equipment by professional VR photographers. We will travel to your location, no matter how remote, to capture the images. We budget a few days for the photo shoot because some views work better at various times of the day and night. For that reason, we are usually provided a few comp nights on-site. We like to
tour and get a feel for the spaces we will be shooting. Then we stage the area and capture a few different angles and exposures.

How long does it take to produce a Virtual Tour once the images are captured?

We require approximately 2 weeks to process to complete your interactive virtual tour. First we process, retouch and stitch the image. We then create the web interface, or the custom designed, branded interface that contains the panoramas. We add the description text and any marketing hotspots. After your review, we publish the files to your website.

What other interactive features are available for the Virtual Tours?

We can embed live video clips, add voice-over, background music, sound-effects, floor maps and/or interactive maps, rain and snow effects custom designed hotspots, youtube videos, external URL to your virtual tour upon request.

How can I distribute my Virtual Tour besides posting it on my website?

Go360 can create a Mobile/CDROM/Touch screen kiosk version of your virtual tour that provides additional information about your business in addition to the panoramic spins. This can be useful as a mailer or for passing out at trade shows. The panoramic spins can also be presented in email newsletters and Go360 can help there too!

Do you work locally, nationally or internationally?

Yes, yes, yes! We send our experts all over, so no job is too remote for us. If we can get there, we will go there. To name a few we have traveled to Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, South Korea, Jeju Island, Israel, Jordan, Egypt… this list will be ever increasing. We provide a top solution with the best pricing and that’s why we a big list of international clients.

What do Virtual Tours cost?

Because of the high degree of customization, costs for Virtual Tours may vary. However, a Virtual Tour package starts as low as $79, plus travel expenses.

How do I get started creating my Virtual Tour?

Submit our online virtual tour quote request form or just give us a call at +91 999 535 8120 or send an email to [email protected] and we are most happy to discuss your needs and send you a proposal.

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