22 Nov 2018
School Virtual Tour

Top 10 reasons to have a school virtual tour

Top 10 reasons to have a school virtual tour on your website

Virtual tours are getting very popular these days and it has become a new buzzword. Facebook has made it even more popular. And many schools are going for it, but why? What’s so big deal in it? Is it going to any extra mileage over a professionally built website? Let’s look at some of the TOP 10 reasons why many schools are opting it. Let’s examine whether its just another marketing gimmick or a brilliant marketing strategy to bring in more school admission.

  1. The Virtual tour can engage your website, visitors!

    School Virtual Tour Visitor

    First and foremost, the virtual tour just engages your website visitors to explore your school. Instead of scrolling through different pages in the website and getting frustrated to get the right information, virtual tour simply guides the visitors to go to every section of the school facility providing them all the necessary information in one place. Go360 virtual tours are meticulously categorized into different sections and in a few clicks, a potential parent/student can see what they are looking for. This leaves a very lasting impression.

  2. A virtual tour highlight your school facilities

    What if your school has an amazing sports facility? or if the boarding facility is well furnished and cozy? How we gonna sell it to the visitor?
    That’s where the virtual tour plays a key role. The virtual tour shows your facility in all its grandeur. The live video integrated virtual tours by Go360 provides an amazing experience to the visitor and let them live the moment as if they are actually present in the facility of your school. This breathtaking experience will make them fall in love with your school facility and there is a great chance they will opt your school for his/her ward.

  3. A real-time LIVE experience

    Virtual tour help to bring parents/students closer to school

    Most of the Go360 school virtual tours include staff and students in real time environment engaging in their school activities. And mostly there will be a live welcome introduction by the student of the school. These real-time interactions bring in the students/parents closer to the school. The visitors will feel more at home and the video embedded virtual tours portray the real life in school. This can never be experienced by a normal nonmoving photography based virtual tour.

  4. A virtual tour provides more information

    Virtual tours provide a 360X180 degree view of the location. Go360 virtual never hide any portion and gives a fully immersive experience. All our virtual tours are Google cardboard ready and are compatible in almost all VR headsets. Some of the virtual tours will have more than 100 viewpoints in and around school campus and that lets you gather more information about the school and helps you navigate to any portion of the school campus. This is never possible even in a real visit to the school.

  5. Text, photos, video all in one place

    A professionally built virtual tour can use all there medium of presentation of information, text, photos, and videos, to present each scene/viewpoint in the virtual tour. This gives a very comfortable way to gather information about the school. All information regarding the school and each facility can be integrated into the school virtual tour and can easily be captured by the visitor. There is no need to visit different pages in different sections of the website to gather information. This saves a lot of time. Further, this engages the visitor to come back and visit your school facility and encourage them to get in touch with the school admission department.

  6. More time spent on the website

    This is a critical criterion, where a good number of websites fail. The ability to adhere the visitor to the website. Maintaining a lower bounce rate is very crucial. Now, what is a bounce rate? The technical definition of bounce rate from HubSpot is, “the percentage of people who land on a page on your website and then leave without clicking on anything else or navigating to any other pages on your site.” Virtual Tour is one eye-catching tool, which encourages the visitor to click and navigate through it. This means more time is spent on your school website by the visitor. And the fact is, one of the most important ways you can increase your search engine ranking is by increasing the time a user spends browsing your website.

  7. Virtual tours help your school to stand out from the crowd
  8. More they see… more they seek
  9. A virtual tour brings in more trust and confidence
  10. Finally, it’s fun and powerful and students just love it


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