St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju is an International school, preparatory PK3-G12 day and boarding school representing the United States as the newest English language school in the Global Education City on Jeju Island in the Republic of Korea. View this amazing international school virtual tour with live video/ audio along with 360 degree videos.

For a better experience, we broke down the school virtual tour into ten categories:

  • Introduction
  • Reception
  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • PAC
  • Field House
  • Dormitory
  • 360 Videos

Bringing school campus to life means capturing and showing off as much of campus as possible. A virtual tour for international school is a great marketing tool to attract students and staff from different parts of the globe. Highlighting the amazing facilities at the school can bring potential students/parents one step further to choose your school. 360 degree virtual tours play a great role in decision making as they get to experience the school facility more closer and more deeply. Yet another benefit of having a virtual tour is that the time spend by the visitor on your website is more. This has in-turn a great benefit in search engine performance of your school website. This in-turn will bring your school slowly to the top of the listing when parents search for an ideal school for their children.  Go360 is proud to present the virtual tour one of Asia’s biggest international school, St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju is located on a beautiful island Jeju in South Korea. Go360 India brings more than 100 360 virtual tours viewpoints of SJA international school. To create a similar international school virtual tour contact us today. Click here to read more about the benefits of creating a virtual tour for schools.